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Remote Control Agency are a music marketing, label services and project management consultancy

What we do

Digital and traditional marketing expertise

We are proven and indeed award-winning marketeers with Number One albums under our belts and have overseen some pretty successful GLOBAL marketing campaigns. We like to think out of the box and by being so deeply involved with the project enjoy the flexibility to really understand the artist’s ideas and objectives and to amplify them. This applies to artwork, and asset creation, admats and servicing. We can provide ‘street’ and print marketing globally and in tandem with what people are seeing on line.

Practically, we provide in house or when appropriate out-sourced but carefully managed Digital marketing across Facebook and Instagram, Google, Youtube, VOD, Tiktok and look for other sources and developments including Influencers. We work with several experienced digital marketing teams as required and also are experienced at sourcing companies to build and flesh out new ideas. We also are expert in focussing campaigns to make the most of the ticket sales and merch alongside the music for a smooth UXP. By centralising the campaigns, the data from each can be cross purposed to ensure optimized spread across all income streams.

Our most recent success was the ‘Be Around Me’ track by Will Joseph Cook which went viral after a massively reactive Tiktok campaign.

Distribution deals

We offer various options and solutions to this key area to enable you get your music to market in the best way for your own set up.

  • We work with or have strong links with all the key companies and know their various strengths and indeed weaknesses.
  • We can offer access to our own pre-negotiated distro set ups across both physical and digital;
  • We can help you set up and administer bespoke deals.
  • We can take away the onerous admin that a pre-existing label deal entails allowing you to concentrate on the creative.

We have a global view on how to work with the best companies that are the best for your music and accessing financial input from them when appropriate. Having a complete solution that makes the distributors feel comfortable that they will get the support they need to recoup any marketing investment.

DSP management can be added as a billable extra if required via a working partnership with Millbrook Music.

Campaign strategy

The circular relationship between the label; the distributor; promo teams; the management and the release set up is key and the amount of time and input needed to invest in this is often underestimated.
Each element needs a precise strategy to ensure it works to its full potential and each strategy needs to complement the other.
We take all the day to day and delivery / ingestion management on board. Alongside that, we set up and co-ordinate global release strategies, across digital and physical marketplaces and make the most of them. Our key direct relationships with some of the retail gatekeepers and work across a range of distro and territories means we can pool the latest advice and campaign info. We have run many Instore and ticket bundling releases and are practised at building up the crucial pre-orders prior to album release. Or can set up and strategise a string of single track releases and EPs to maximise the streaming numbers. Every campaign is different and needs a complementary theory to boost it as far as possible.

Team management

We are expert at setting up global promo and marketing teams and strategies to ensure they are tailor made for each market at excellent prices. Our clients can plug into our existing networks or we can utilise any existing contacts to plan and strategise. Finding the right publicity team or radio pluggers for a project can make the difference. The efficient management and servicing of global teams makes them more effective. They need the tools to extract the best promotion. The top ranked pluggers like to work with an efficient and creative system. By being part of a trusted system, and also with a enhanced buying power in the marketplace we can also wangle better deals for Remote Control clients.

We cover catalogue ingestion and management as well as new releases.

Social media management

An artists socials are more crucial than ever. As the first place many long term and new fans will go to interact and receive the latest news they have to be on point. We can provide either in-house or outsourced bespoke social media management along with mailing list admin. Whether inhouse or outsourced, by ensuring a seamless link between the marketing campaign and the artist’s social strategy, social channels can be both informative and engaging places for fans. When done right, the balance between creative content and advertising messaging can enhance the other. We aim to help you attain this without diluting the artist’s natural voice. We adapt to the artists tone and vibe, and can assist in developing creative content across your campaign.

Manufacturing and stock management

We have had a strong relationship with various manufacturers and this is a key area for us. Coloured vinyl, shaped vinyl, flexidiscs, ultra deluxe £150 packages or 500 7” runs are all our specialities plus much more. We are confident our clients have access to the best prices. We can also make sure the best estimates of quantities are made to avoid overstocks and understocks both of which are undesirable.

Current/recent clients & artists include :

City Calm Down; East City Management; Idles; Feet; Fontaines DC; Falcona Management; Graace; Good Soldier Records; Hand In Hive; I Oh You Records; Jealous Of The Birds; Keep Dancing Inc; Liberation Records; Melanie C; Mysie; Ostereo Records; Otzeki; Primary Talent; Partisan Records; Pottery; Q Prime Management; The Murder Capital; Sweat It Out Records; Square Leg Records; Un Plan Simple; West Thebarton ; Will Joseph Cook


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Andy Grammar
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Blink 182
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Dangerbird Records

Danny D
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Kylie Minogue
Laurent Garnier

Light in the Attic Records
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Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto
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